World at my feet

View over Trondheim city from my office window

This is the view over Trondheim from my desk at home. The far side of town is the coveted ´Sunny Side´- there is even a shopping centre called just that: Solsiden. Norwegians love to speak about the weather even more than the English, and they are obsessive sun seekers. During the winter the daylight hours dwindle and the effect on the soul is palpable. Our flat catches next to no sunlight during the darkest months, but we do have this tremendously lit view.

For us up here in Steinberget we are in the shade for long parts of the day, though the sun is like a powerful soft box just behind shoulder right. Everything before us is lit so beautifully that it entices you out, cooing you down to town, especially now the days are lengthening and the weather warming. And the sunrises are amazing – I’ll post photos in a later blog.

I like this shot because it makes the town look like a children’s play mat; a network of roads and tramlines upon which to cast your imaginary worlds. I used to play a game when I was younger, travelling in the car with my parents. I would visualise a skateboarder going along next to our car – he would ollie, grind and wall-ride all sorts of obstacles along the side of the road as we drove along. He could do things I could never contemplate doing, impossible moves like 50-50ing the motorway hoardings. He would slam, or run out of track and crash, completely out of my control despite the fact he was a figment of my imagination. Sometimes, as I look down on the micromachines and snowy parks of Trondheim, I feel like that game has become my life.

Is it better to be in the sunlight, looking back into the darkness? Or should I be down there in the low light of Norway, blinded and warm?