In need of assistance – a week of Wil

I have been living in Trondheim for eight or nine months now, working my thermals off to find work and get ahead. It was very much the dawn of a new day when I came out here – I had been living at my parents in Buckinghamshire (UK) for 6 months after a year or so of globe trotting. It was comfortable, but I was in a dead-end job and my career was going nowhere fast.

I did however hold a successful exhibition displaying my photographs of the slums of Calcutta. The next blog post will look back at that event – you can see the photos here. Off the back of the exhibition I decide to sell myself as a photographer in Trondheim. This plan was very much driven by girlfriend and her Norwegian family, who were keen to have us living out here. “O yea, there´s plenty of work for photographers, we are always using the same two guys, you´ll have no problem getting work as a photographer!”

Now let me first say that this prophecy has actually proven to be spot on; I am working seven days a week, doing a whole range of photography. Job´s a good’un. But the future didn´t always look so rosy. When I first got here I discovered that one of Norway´s top photo schools – Norsk Fotofagskole – is located here and churns out some 50 graduates every year. What chance have I got in a city of 200,000 which has 50 excellent professionals joining our ranks every twelve?

Well it turns out that 98% of them want to be fashion photographers, or at least are moving in different circles to myself. I´ve met a few of them and they seem like a quality bunch, but my one little dig at them would be that they seem a little big for their boots, too grand to take the little jobs. My only desire is to be realistic about my abilities and learn as I go – the beautiful things about photography is that you are learning on the job everyday. The technology moves faster than individual experience and so I would hypothesise that if you are not learning anything anymore, then your tenure as a ‘photographer’ is up. My interest is in documentary and photojournalism, but, being new to the country and the profession, I happily lend my hand to anything photography related. I work as cameraman at the local football club, I take photos for the newspapers, I do portraits, product shots, weddings and pets, and I am an assistant to a great local photographer, Øystein Hermstad.

Being an assistant is a great way to learn about photography, and the benefits (studio, networking, etc.) are really… well, beneficial. And ultimately I relish the experience of doing different things everyday, and so I welcome the challenge of different tyopes of photography.

The photos below follow my trails this week.

Me in window of Skolyst taking photos for Byavisa article (photo by Andreas Eik)

Assisting Øystein Hermstad on IPS shoot

Modelling for Avinor advertising campaign (photo Øystein Hermstad)

New season has started at Rosenborg and so we have been up at the stadium a lot taking pictures. During one of our many lengthy waits for the players to turn up we played around with the mascot costume, with hilarious results (photo Øystein Hermstad)