Perfect Påske

I´ve been a away for a few days, on the island of Bondøya. Beautiful place which I come back to time and time again – check out my Flickr page for images (see link to the right).

Whilst I was there I saw one of my cousins, 7-year old Trym, curled up in the corner of the kitchen reading a Donald Duck comic. He seemed oblivious to the world around him, sat in his pants, finger sucking, wide-eyed and blissful. I had this immense sense of nostalgia, recalling my childhood obsession with the Beano comic.

As I remember, it used to arrive every Wednesday, delivered to our door by the paperboy (whose role I later took over). Knowing when it would arrive, I would sit in bed, close my eyes and try to teleport myself down the stairs to the postbox, and back to bed with the fresh Beano and none of the duvet warmth lost. Predictably, when I opened my eyes it was never there.

This wave of stubble scratching sentiment is what I look for in photography. When people look at my photos I want them to not only see what is going on in the image, but also be transported to a story in their own past or present.

Here a couple of my favourite shots from the Easter weekend on Bondøya.