The weather outside is weather

Me and my mates have been using this line a lot recently; sung to the tune of ”the weather outside is frightful”. Makes me laugh, but just found out it is actaully from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a terribly forgetable film. In any case the original lyrics might have been more appropriate, considering the shit we have been putting up with recently. I have had several great photoshoots of late, but it seems everytime I get a good gig the clouds rumble in like grinning soothsayers.

Today has been the driest, warmest day in weeks and I have a big shoot for a bank. It´s the third time I have attempted to take photos of their female staff and customers training together, each of the two previous shoots have been washouts. But you gotta stay professional when you take on these sorts of jobs. I was employed for a photojournalistic style and so the client knows that these means the conditions (and therefore the final product) is changeable.

The other day, however, I did a swimwear shoot in 10 degrees, with equipment-smashing wind and dreary rain trickling down bikini tops. Too windy for flash but luckily bright enough to shoot on a reasonble ISO, so I used a bit of photoshop to give the pictures a dreamy feel, and to smooth down the goosebumps on the models´ skin: