Where there´s smoke…

My real passion in photography is photojournalism, though at this stage, in in this location, opportunities for journalistic work are limited. One of my main sources of income is for a newspaper, but I am usually on feature duty – you know, pictures of grannies at fetes and kids in ice hockey teams. I get to meet some interesting looking people (try 15 year old wrestler with muscles like a young Arnie, or the dust in the wrinkles of old stone masons), but ‘event-driven’ photography is left a bit wanting in such a small town. The main newspaper, Adressa, has its own photographers and is very loyal to its freelancers, a couple of whom I am friends with and I support their policy wholeheartedly. Doesn´t stop me pitching stuff when I get the opportunity though.

There was an enormous fire in town today; my girlfriend and my colleague both alerted me to it and within minutes I was out the door, camera bag swinging off my shoulder. I have got photos of fires in the paper before. There are an unfortunate number of fires in this town on account of all the wooden houses. Smoke from today´s fire was billowing across ‘midtbyen’ (middle of town) and you could see the flames everywhere. But then the most incredible thing happened: the heavens opened and the heaviest downpour simply put the fire out. I´m sure there is a great deal of damage and I really feel for the poor folk living in that building, but i wonder how they felt when the rain started?

Incidentally, the paper didn´t run my photos. I was beaten to it. So I got a soaking and now have to spend the evening doing my tax returns for what? A blog entry! Someone better tweet or comment on this!