shooting back in time

Assisted on a shoot with Øystein Hermstad  yesterday at two of Trondelag’s historical highlights: the old castle at Steinvikholmen and the ‘Sugar Cube’ at Festningen. Awesome locations, awesome weather too. It was a long shoot – spent the day previous sourcing clothes and props as we were doing the photos in a vintage style. Found pipes, old wheelbarrow and hats no problem, but little difficulty finding clothes, not least because of the size of our models!

We were doing a shoot for Murrarbeid, a company which is restoring the old monuments, and they wanted us to use their real workers. All good, but some of these guys were double triple XL. The costume department at the university simply didn´t have big enough sizes for them. I found out on the shoot that the reason they requested old look (roughly 1920´s feel) was because they were using techniques that have stayed the same for over a 100 years. Nice synergy I thought.

These are my background shot from the day – I´ll provide a link to the final images once Øystein is finished editing: