What am I doing… in Stiklestad?

I still haven´t really nailed down what this blog is all about. What’s its purpose? Who is my audience? Why do I take the time to publish these posts? Well, my one criteria is that I don’t spend too long over this. I never reread what I have written, I never changed the text once it is down, and I don’t look back over old posts all that often.

In terms of what is the purpose, I guess it´s just meant to be a snapshot of an aspiring professional photographer’s day-to-day life. I came to Norway to pursue my dream of making a living out of photography and it has all come together quite nicely. My philosophy is that I don’t pigeon hole my work or restrict myself to one type of photography. Hopefully this comes across to my readers.

I was at the Trondheim Fotofagskole‘s annual party this weekend (where the legend Oliviero Toscani was hosting… maybe I should have written about that this week!) and I came across the usual bunch of photographers-in-waiting, who all seem to want to be fashion photographers. At my university in Southampton, UK, where I studied journalism, everybody wanted to be either a sports journalist or a fashion journalist. The point being that aspiring professionals tend to have a rose-tinted view of their abilities and are often only interested in the ‘perfect’ position. How many of these aspirations are actual realised? I don’t know. And I don’t knock them for their determination either, but I find that if you embrace all the opportunities available to you, you will be able to specialise later down the line.

Which is why you find me posting photos from various shoots which I either assist on undertake singlehandedly. Today´s shoot took me to Stiklestad, where I assisted Øystein Hermstad on a shoot for Sparenbank1. Great location, I will have to go back one day. One of the key tips for any photographer is to shoot like crazy, keep a record of where you were and you can even use the photos for later projects, or use them to location scout future projects. In fact Eric Almås spoke about this at the fotofest, saying how privileged he felt to be paid to go round the world seeing the best sunrises and sunsets. So credit to him for that.