From one week to the next

Bad Spit and Sigurd Julius

I haven´t taken too many photos this week, but lots of the stuff I have been working on recently has come out in the newspaper this week. This shoot was of two local musicians, of vastly contrasting style, who we interviewed together as a part of a piece on new Trondheim music. It came out in Byavisa.

The guy on the right is a punk-hiphop musician who goes under the name Bad Spit. He was pretty moody if truth be told, and got the hump when I asked him to lie on the colourful sofa. The other guy is more pop; Sigurd Julius. He was much easier to work with.

The nature of the photoshoots I do for the newspaper is that I am constrained by time and usually I am dealing with people who are not use to being in front of the camera. In those instances I can completely understand if people cannot give me much time or are resistant to my ideas. But if you are a musician and want to sell records, then free coverage and a free photoshoot is not to be balked at. But colourful sofas? Looking at other guys in the face? Maybe that’s just not Rock and Roll, hey Bad Spit? Whatever, hope they both got good coverage out of it; I never read the Norwegian articles anyway!

In this shoot I used one soft box in front of the pair and a second half power fill light shooting up through the stairs under them. I had a while to set up whilst they were being interviewed and roughly 10-15 minutes to take the photos.

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