Leaving your mark

Right, it´s Sunday afternoon and I am in the studio, waiting for some photos to upload from the family shoot I have just done. Not the best way to spend a weekend, but there are bills to pay and anyway, Ida is making me homemade pizza for when I get home, so you won´t read a word of complaint here!

Some of my customers want to look through the pictures and choose them right then and there after the shoot, others want to take a breather and look through them at home or back here later in the week. With the Roller Derby girls, for example, we always go and have a coffee a couple of days later and go through the pics. With families it´s doubly understandable because their kids are usually knackered after the shoot and they just wanna get home and feed them and everything.

So I send low res images, they choose, I edit, bla de bla de bla. But the question is, do you put a watermark on the low res images you send out? I have been doing so recently simple because I think it makes them look a bit more professional and then it stops people just using the low res images and not paying for the full format pictures, which is really how I make my money. I told you about those bills to pay right?

My wife, when not making pizza dough, suggests I should put the watermark across the whole image, instead of how I have been doing it so far. What do you think? Here are places and people I have left my mark on recently: