Tattoo Shop, Trondheim

Slow start to the year, as always, but had a fantastic the last week of the month. Did 7 shoots in all, including commercial work and stuff for the newspaper.

It´s easy to get seriously depressed in January when the workload is low, daylight sparse and the bills piling up. I found it particularly hard to get going this year (the lack of snow has made the days seem darker than usual), but I pitched a couple of ideas and both came through.

A friend of mine, John, came to visit from the UK. He works as a spark on film sets in the UK – also freelance, also low on work in January. Norway´s not the obvious choice for a cheap, out-of-work get away, but we kept it on the simple side and had a great laugh during the time he was here. On the one hand it was annoying to have so much work suddenly appear when he arrived, but on the other it was much better than me being underemployed for the whole time. If I didn´t have any work I´d be feeling guilty every time we hung out, thinking I should be pursuing moire job ideas instead. This feeling of guilt is a permanent pain in the arse for a self-employed individuals, or at least it is if you let it get the better of you. This year I going to make a concerted effort to work hard during weekdays and take more time off at the weekend. There´s no point staring at your computer screen late into the night trying to be creative, your brain and eyes need a rest too.

I also go a job through the website/blog, which goes to show how important it is to keep up this side of affairs during lulls in your workload. So if you are reading this now please do follow me! Even better, leave me a comment with the link to your blog/website and I´ll link up with you too.

These photos are from one shoot I did last week – an interview of local tattoo-proprietor Tommy Berntsen from a tattoo shop for Byavisa. Seemed like quite a nice guy, but most notable was just how incredible his place was for photography. I had a softbox and a tripod with me, but really it was just a feature for the newspaper. I would love to go back there and take some  staged pictures – Trondheim is tattoo crazy!