“hope it goes smoothly”

If you have had occasion to read my blog before you will notice I like a little pun here and there. What can I say – I´m British! But there is nothing I like more in this world than an accidental pun. Like when my wife and I were discussing buying some chairs from a friend of ours who runs an antique business and she asked if they were “under the table”.

When I get jobs sent through from the paper they usually email me the details of the subject, what the article is about and maybe a couple of example images. The journo I work with often signs off with something chummy, like “knock ’em dead” or whatever the Norwegian version is. Being quite busy I will scan my eye over the email, then google translate and print both versions, so that I have the contact details in my camera bag.

This evening I took photos of some young ice-skaters who are breaking local records, and the sign-off was “hope everything goes smoothly”. Haha, or so I thought. On closer inspection of the original Norwegian it said håper det går greit, which just means hope everything goes fine.

After that everything most certainly did not go fine, or smoothly: he had given me the wrong time, it was pissing down with rainy snow and there was no light. So I only had five minutes with four cold, tired teenagers. The one bonus was I remembered my chains for my boots, so that I didn´t slip on the ice. Sadly enough they have become a requisite part of my camera it out here in Norway.

Too wet and too little time for big flash, but I did get one image I was really pleased with (above), using a Canon 580ex speedlight on the camera, with a small softbox, at ISO 320. These are some of the other images, unedited.