Canon 5d ii ISO 3200

I had a very strange weekend. Actually the proper word is ‘boring’: I had two sets of photographs which had to be finished for my clients by Monday morning, so come Saturday and Sunday night I was stuck in the studio editing.

I finally finished at midnight on Sunday and went outside to find half a foot of snow on my car. I then got it stuck in a snowdrift and spent half an hour digging it out, a series of events which would usually have me f’ing and blinding. But the streets were so desolate that I knew I had no choice but to fend for myself, not least because my studio is down a dead end and at midnight on a Sunday you are not likely to encounter many passersby.

In fact it was with a feeling of achievement that I drove home, accompanied by a sense of wonder at the snow-covered town and empty streets. Trondheim is snowed-in for three or four months over winter anyway, but there was something special about last night´s snow – it was the kind of blizzard which can keep you shut in your house, and indeed nearly kept me stuck at the office.

It ended up having the opposite effect on me as, pumped up by the evening’s work and the   workout getting the car free, I decided to go for a midnight walk to take some pictures. I used the ISO 3200 setting on my Canon 5d ii, with the 24-70mm lens. It was really quiet and before I stepped anywhere I was careful to take pictures of the virgin snow first. I did meet a few people on the way, but within minutes their tracks were covered again.

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