Catching up with … sleep/work/blog/friends etc.

Anja Bondø showing off gold trophy

Anja Bondø from Scanpartner – extremely pleased with this year’s takings!

Do any of you bloggers out there ever get the feeling that you have promised to write something, but not got round to it? With photography (working professionally at least) it seems that your best stuff often gets forgotten because the next job is always round the corner. You are either hunting it, or it’s hunting you.

There is never a quiet moment, especially if you are freelance. In the eternally nervous mind of the self-employed, quiet periods can only be perceived as “bad for business” and a chilled day about the home is usually followed by a frenetic day of catch up; replying to emails, editing photos that have been sat there untouched for months, panicking that you´ve lost a job because you did the unthinkable and took a day off.

The flip side is when you plan to take some time off, or go for that run, put up those shelves, read that book, work comes flooding through the floorboards and you can´t keep afloat. It´s overload time – why didn´t I clean up my Mac when I had the time!!!???  That´s when you find yourself abandoning your blog, or at least posting more professional photography than personal projects. Well, I´ve got a busy month ahead of me but I am going to try and keep up the frequency, and the jobs are really interesting so hopefully it will give some inspiration to aspiring photographers out there.

Last week I did a two day shoot at Sterk 2011 (advertising awards in Trondheim) taking background shots and portraits of the winners. They were long days and preceded a full weekend of work too. But it was a load of fun and there was much merriment after the speeches/ceremony… maybe a little bit too much on Thursday night (you know who you are!). And I got to have a couple of beers with the photographer Pål Laukli. Man if I think I work a lot, you should check out this guy´s portfolio – prolific. And you know what, despite all the work he does, he was very chilled out. So there´s hope after all.

Here´s some of my images from the two days: