Backstage on Avinor shoot

Mona Grudt on Avinor shoot

I have had a rip-roaring couple of weeks. No time to breath, let alone sit down. Which has been a killer, seeing as I ran the London Marathon a couple of weeks ago. The prescribed post-race ice bath was emptied to fill cocktail glasses and the period of recuperation has only been observed in the sense I am “making up for lost time”.

Any suggestion that I have taking my foot off the pedal whilst getting ready for the marathon, has been superseded by the breakneck pace I´ve entered back into work, and into the pub thereafter. It is as if I crossed the finish line in London and just kept running, like Forrest Gump when he runs straight out of the stadium. Doesn’t he just keep going all the way across the States after that?

Well I went all over London, then flew back to Trondheim to help on a Tronder Energi campaign (taking photos of bus shelters all over town, check it out), and a massive project to photograph the newest biggest hotel in Trondheim, Clarion Hotel and Congress – more to follow on this one. Then back to the UK, where I was helping a friend and his company restore a 16th Century church in Oxford, St Mary’s University Chruch. Which is a good reminder that when you are an up and coming photographer it is quite common to have other line of work to fall back on during lulls. I have also been working late shifts at a bar back in Trondheim and that, combined with numerous all night birthday parties and half a dozen flights in the past couple of weeks, means I don’t know whether I am coming or going.

But the best kind of work to keep you going has got to be assisting other photographers, who teach and inspire you when times are slow. The problem is, there is nothing slow about life right now! It’s the easiest trap to fall into in the freelance world – a couple of quiet weeks and you start saying yes to everything.  This shoot exhibited here (which I assisted on today) was a big jobby, photographing a beautiful model, Mona Grudt (Miss Universe 1990!!) for a new Avinor. It was sandwiched between a a morning of taking family portraits and an afternoon of outdoor shoots with Rosenborg Football Club. And now back to the bar… on this occasion it is to work, but it’s all the same really isn’t it!

Roll on the weekend 🙂