Honeymoon and photos in Bagni di Lucca

I´ve been off the blogasphere for a while because I´ve been on my honeymoon with my wife Ida! We travelled to Tuscany and spent two sun-drenched weeks drinking wine and soaking up all the amazing sights, starting in Bagni di Lucca.

I´d not heard of Bagni di Lucca before, a small town in the valleys above Lucca, Tuscany. We got to town quite late and stopped for dinner at a pizzeria right on the main square. We probably should have got going because our villa – kindly lent to us by my godfather Jerry and his wife Felicity – was up in Guzzano, a village 15 minutes out of town. But we were starving and thirsty and fed up after a stress-induced journey, because our crappy car hire company delaying us 2 ½ hours.

Two pizzas and half a litre of wine later we wound our way up the mountainside to Guzzano, just in time before the light dropped and we were lost in darkness. When we woke up in the morning we were very pleased to find that both the house and the valleys in Guzzano were absolutely beautiful!

Close up of villa in Bagni di Lucca

The villa we stayed in whilst in Guzzano.

Bagni du Lucca is a great place to relax and unwind after a busy year of photography so far. That didn´t stop me getting out to town a couple of times with my camera, however, and Ida was fairly understanding about me pointing my camera in her face every once in a while! The garden of the villa we stayed in whilst in Bagni di Lucca

We were really happy here, amongst all the flowers and wild lavender, and we indulged ourselves with wine, prosecco, pizza and the amazing Tuscanese tomates.

Close up of fresh Tuscany beef tomatoes

Fresh Tuscan Tomatoes – yum!

Both of us have been quite surprised at how colourful Tuscany is. You expect all the burnt ochre and terracotta colours you see on postcards and in old Roman movies, but it was also really green and loads on bright colours. Bagni di Lucca is definitively great for photography!

Close up of villa in Baggni di Lucca - flower and window

View of Bagni di Lucca from above

Bagni di Lucca from above – absolutely beautiful!