The Big Hitters – Florence (Firenze) and Sienna

As you travel around Tuscany the sheer quantity of beautiful, historic towns and villages starts to become overwhelming. You can be sat in a mountainside café overlooking the most beautiful view, in the shadow of some ancient church that has tested the forces of gravity for hundreds of years, and yet remain somewhat indifferent. After all, you know wherever you end up tomorrow will be equally spectacular!

Sienna sunset

But having said that, I came to realise that the big hitters in Tuscany – Florence (Firenze) and Sienna – are the main draw for a reason, not just coincidence. They are simply breath-taking at times.

Florence Tower

It´s not just the sheer majesty of the Doumo or the perfection of the art, but also those moments when you are walking down back streets and just catch a glimpse of a church spire, or a plaza, juxtaposed by everyday life. The enormity and frequency of beautiful buildings, the timeless hustle and bustle, and the streets which weave in and out of one another like a tapestry – it´s a photographer´s dream.

Florence - sidestreet view of Duomo

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