Italy´s Best Kept Secret

The weather in Trondheim has been beautiful these past few days. If it was like this all summer it would be the most amazing destination – so good that it reminds me of our holiday in Isla d’Elba, an island off the Tuscan coast in Italy. Which in turn reminds me in turn to post some photos of this magical place.

Isla d’Elba is best know by those outside of Italy as being where Napoleon was exiled after his forced abdication in 1814. To those in the know it is a paradise of postcard beaches, luscious seafood, infamous vineyards and pine-clad hillsides.

Each beach was different and distinct from cove to cove. Soft golden sand followed by smooth large boulders, all connected by the aquamarine waters. It is a proper holiday destination and well-frequented by Italians, with whom we would join on the beachfront every night to eat ice-cream, watch the kids run about like rabbits and watch the football. But it is mostly unspoilt, the waters were clear and the relaxation unparalleled. I don’t think the photos do it justice really, but on the last week of our honeymoon we were too slovenly to even lift a camera most days!
Elba boulder beach

Tuscany is not renowned for its coast: often criticised for being under or over-developed, too many charges, lower quality of food than the rest of the provence and slightly drab to look at. Elba was a short ferry trip away (1 hour, €60 car and 2 people), a journey which addressed these criticisms in one fell swoop. It was undoubtedly Tuscan, with terracota-tiled hill towns similar to those we had witnessed in Northern Tuscany earlier on our trip, but with a taste of the Amalfi. Yes it was a little expensive, but we never came across a charge for using a beach and we dined like kings.

Simply put: Italy´s best kept secret.