Krzysztof Urbański and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Last week I was employed to take photos of Fokus Bank´s Lederkonferanse (“Management Conference”), taking place at Olavshallen in Trondheim. The bank had come up with the inspired concept of holding their conference at the concert hall, home of Trondheim’s Symphony Orchestra.

The orchestra is conducted by Krzysztof Urbański, an incredible 29-year-old Pole, who will also take the role as Principal Guest Conductor of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra next spring. He is one of those people whose presence is felt the moment he walks into the room, but of course he is still young and has to preside over dozens of talented musicians. The bank managers – all 250 of them – were given the unique opportunity to sit in on a practice session in the concert hall.

Because of the extraordinary circumstances of this particular practice session I was also given a fairly free reign and as such I was able to get right in amongst the musicians. It was an incredible experience.

I am not able to publish all the photos I took that day because of rights restrictions, but here a handful, courtesy of Focus Bank and Trondheim Symfoniorkester. You will notice that they are somewhat grainy as they were shot at high ISO. The room was very dark and I was not able to use flash – in my opinion it is better to get the image at what settings you can, and deal with the image quality later.