Mekatonia – whatever that is!

How to start explaining what I saw last night? A musical interpretation of the ship building district of Trondheim, performed upon a giant model cello, amongst industrial noises and welding sparks, with different garishly-clad musicians being pulled backwards and forwards along the strings, stood upright on tiny serving platters balanced by large weights beneath and maneuvered by the proletariat on the floor, on the end of system of pulleys and cables.

Confused? So were the large crowd who gathered to watch last night, but amazed in equal measure. Here´s how it went:

Whilst we were waiting for it to start these girls started walking around Solsiden with full-size lampposts attached to their backs. They would wander up to unsuspecting individuals or groups and then switch the light on above their heads. Peoples reactions (or non-reactions in many cases) were priceless.

The lampposts made their way to centre stage, amidst a melee of industrial noise and sparks, drawing people’s attention to the performance. The show was free and outdoors in one of Trondheim’s busiest social areas, so it attracted a large crowd.

The whole thing was performed atop a giant cello, stretching rich across Solsiden.

The musicians were winched in…

And the festivities began!

These guys (above) did the pulling, the “proletariat”

A real steampunk feel

Take a bow Mekatonia!