Test shoot – viewing disability

You ever get those days when you just cannot motivate yourself? I call them Mondays. But yesterday wasn’t bad, considering how knackered I felt all day. I did a shoot for Fokus Bank in the morning (for publication in E24), edited and delivered same day. Then I went out with a colleague, Martin Johnsen, to do a quick test shoot.

Another guy I work with had been complaining that there isn’t enough variety of disability photography available from stock libraries – too many shots of people looking forlornly at stairs and whatnot. Martin, who is in a wheelchair, is the polar opposite of  such defeatism. He loves to drive and follows rally driving around Europe, as well as playing basketball, swimming and cycling. Cool guy, and more than  willing to help me out with a test shot yesterday evening.

I was aiming for a light, stock photo style (not easy inside a car, with limited room and black surfaces everywhere), but I was actually more pleased with the documentary style. We are going to do some more photos together over the coming weeks, so I´ll keep you posted.