Background again for the Renegade Master


Wil Lee-Wrights foto av Øystein Hermstad

Øystein Hermstad – foto av Wil Lee-Wright

Hei Hei!

Yesterday I was creating Øystein a new background. Not because he´s been put in a witness protection plan and needs a new identity – this was actually a purely photographic endeavour.

Øystein has a shoot with Ola Kvernberg, an award-winning Norwegian jazz violinist. He is designing a new website and needed some cool photos, to show off the his folk roots and original attitude.

foto av Wil Lee-Wright tapetsering

foto av Wil Lee-Wright

So put into place an idea we have been harboring for months; to make a new wall which can wallpapered with different materials to suit the needs of different shoots. The wallpaper we had was a bit bland, so I experimented with different stuffs to bring out the texture. I tested tea, coffee, various strong man´s tanning lotions (don´t ask!) and also Dolly Dimples pizza toppings. I think the end product was a mixture of tanning spray and tea, lots of tea. It took ages to drill the new wall into the Fort Knox quality concrete of the studio, thank god for my (dwindling) supply Yorkshire Tea and copious reserves of the Nextmen Podcast.

mediahuset fotostudio skansen bakgrunntanning lotion tea texturebakgrunn for Ola fotoshoot

I´m stoked with the results too – loads you can do with textures. I will post the final photos of Øystein´s shoot when he’s done.

oystein photo of Wil Lee-Wright

People damager with the ill behaviour!