Another Bridge to Cross

A new bridge to a land where time forgot… Trondheim

A new bridge has opened in Trondheim; Sjøgangen (“the Sea Way”). I´ve taken photos there twice already, once for the opening and once for PwC, whose new offices overlook the bridge.

The bridge connects the centre of town with the pier area. I got the call half an hour before the opening ceremony, requesting me to take photos for Clearly my arrangements were not the only aspect which ran to the wire: even the tarmac at the foot of the new footbridge was still sticky, so every step I took made a sort of sucking sound.

I ran about taking photos of every angle possible whilst the mayor rattled on about developing the town and so on. As soon as that red tape was clipped I bounded up the stairs like Rocky – I thought I would be the first up there, but at the top I found a group of students with brass instruments, jogging bottoms and flags. Of course I did.

NTNU students perform at bridge summit

The Mayor introduces the bridge to Trondheim

Old man doffs his cap at town´s latest addition

The strangest thing about the day however was that the weather changed as we walked over, from bright sunshine to blustering storm clouds. It was quite surreal. When I crossed back over afterwards it turned sunny again… and time hadn´t moved at all. The light was fantastic for photography, and the Brattøra Gallery (also PwC´s offices) has huge windows with views over the fjord.

The first crowds come. Small steps… small sticky, steps

Across the lines, over the bridge, the line that separates sun from rain

The first intrepid explorers working their way across Sjøgangen Bridge

There have been some concerns about how developing this area will affect the view for the rest of town, but for those working there it is a very modern, tranquil setting. For information on proposed further development of the area click here.

Looking down onto the foyer of Galleri Brattøra (the gallery) during the opening party

One of the main dudes involved in the design and construction of the bridge and gallery

Working in the light conditions of the offices above

Although the bridge provides a much-sought-after shortcut between the Brattøra region and the rest of town, people are yet to cotton onto its existence. I was at a party at the Clarion Hotel and Congress and a couple of people had forgotten and walked the long way round, despite having worked on the project in some form or another! And the guys whose portraits I took for PwC had offices overlooking the bridge, but the photoshoot was the first time they had stepped foot on it.

Lone traveller

The most wonderful thing is that you can still go up there, and have the area to yourself, until some other lost soul wanders past, wondering where they are going to come out.