Julebilder – zooming in on Christmas

Julebilder julebilde christmas photos three monkeys

These three cheeky monkeys are Emil, Frode and Hanne – siblings who took advantage of my Christmas special offer. They wanted a picture for their parents. We took a whole load of different shots of them individually and together, in casual clothes and smart, as well as some fun ones like this one above.

I can’t believe Christmas has come around so quickly. The past couple of months have been very busy and I have a backlog of blogs to post – sorry if you have been in the studio recently and not seen your blog yet, it´s coming I promise!

But it´s minus 15 outside and my brain is starting to slow down. Though could also be because of the two mince pies I now eat every day, which are slowly starting to clog the blood flow to my head…. mmm, mice pies.

Many reasons to have julebilder (Christmas Photos) taken, though I really liked this idea – the gift of your face!

Julebilder julebilde christmas photos colour portrait HanneJulebilder julebilde christmas photos colour portrait EmilJulebilder julebilde christmas photos brother colour portraitOften people come in to have photos of their family to put on bespoke Christmas Cards, but I think their parents will really like this gift. But how do you choose which photos to print out for them? I always say that out of the ten photos which I would choose from a photo shoot only one would be in the parent’s top ten. Tomorrow I am going to post my top ten photos-which-never-got-selected, and some information on ways to make use of your dusty memory bank.

Julebilder julebilde christmas photos black and white group shot brother and sister