On set

Last night I was out in the centre of town, documenting the production of a short film. To find out more about the project pick up a copy of Byavisa tomorrow! The film (and the photos) star Bård Ivar Engelsås and Hedda Hugdahl Skjold as father and daughter.
Bord_Ivar_Engelsas_MG_7510_cropped copy filmset_Bord_Ivar_Engelsas_MG_7455 copy filmset_kameraman_JoranWaerdahl_director_MG_7550 copy copy filmset_MG_7452 copy Heda_Hugdahl_Skjold_MG_7535 copy Hedda_Hugdahl_Skjold_MG_7542 copy Joran_Waerdahl_MG_7390_cropped copy