Blog Number 50!!!


Trondheim Markedskonferansen 2013 – Blog Number 50!!!

I was in Poland last weekend, on my good friend Jan Mlodzianowski´s stag do. For my 50th blog post I had intended to post an hilarious selection of pictures and videos from the weekend, but tiredness, busy-ness and general human decency have prevailed. Perhaps Jan´s Warsaw state will become the 51st post instead 🙂

Rather than take a day off on Monday as planned, I ended up in two meetings, working all afternoon in the studio and even doing a last minute photoshoot. The rest of the week (so far) has also been mega busy. Today I took pictures of TMF´s (Trondheim Markedsføring i Praksis – Trondheim´s Marketing Society) annual seminar and award show. It was a long day and I was kind of dreading being in dark room, trying to understand Norwegian speeches and struggling with ISO. In the end the marketing folk seemed to know their audience (surprisingly enough!) and the speeches were clear and engaging, and there were plenty of coffee breaks, followed by a burger and beer in the wonderful Sparebank1 Banksalen. The ISO levels were pretty high though, hence the black white images – two out of three ‘aint bad!

The winner of the annual Robert Miller prize was Carma Hilde Wedø, seen above cheering for my 50th blog post 😉

You can check out more information about the speakers and the organisation on TMF´s facebook page, which will be posting  more of my images as soon as I deliver them.

_MG_9320 _MG_9251 _MG_9245 _MG_9149 _MG_9105 _MG_9090 _MG_9046 IMG_8863 IMG_8763