Jan and Holly tie the knot


Here are some snapshots from my good friends Jan and Holly´s wedding.

_MG_5562 _MG_5608 _MG_5642I´ve known Jan for nearly 20 years and he put my photographic resolve to the test by engaging me as an usher, which meant I hardly had a moment to pick up my camera. But I did get some shots early on, in the family home near High Wycombe, where we all grew up in one way or another. Jan really opened himself by having the wedding here – everyone had a story to tell about something stupid he´s done over the years! But that´s really part of the fun of weddings, and the best man Eddie did a great job of putting Jan to the sword in his speech.

_MG_5658 _MG_5648 _MG_5676Jan having a sneaky last-minute Scotch in the pub beside the church before the ceremony.

_MG_5699 _MG_5746 _MG_5765

Holly was given away buy her brother because her father sadly died when she was 10.
_MG_5782There were hundreds of guests at the wedding, showing how popular Jan and Hollie are. Or how maybe people had heard about the copious vodka that was on offer after the ceremony?! Either way, it was a great ceremony, bringing together two lovely people, and the start of an awesome evening.

_MG_5826 _MG_5852And there really are no more photos in-between! We were simply having too good a time meeting all of Jan and Holly´s families, drinking afore mentioned copious vodka and dancing the night away. Speaking of which, we did one drunken video of the first dance, check it out here.