Dave and Kjersti – dawn of a new season


Hello bloggersphere. Busy couple of weeks, but not a lot to write home about. I´m doing so much bread and butter work I think I might as well open a sandwich shop. Oslo Bergen Trondheim Oslo London Tromsø…. a couple of nights in a hotel and a pile of receipts from Hertz on my desk when I get back. It´s like growing up and becoming a travelling salesman in the space of two weeks.

Corporate portraits is apparently where it´s at. I once read about a guy in London who, when Facebook and LinkedIn was just kicking off, drove a van down to the square mile and took professional headshots for business guys. He had a couple of lights and/or a reflector, and just shot them there and then for a score. Well, fast forward ten years or whatever, and he´s running a million pound photography business.

You would have thought this sort or thing had burnt out by now; where once people needed encyclopaedias now they have the internet, A to Z  gave way to googlemaps, arcades to Playstations. Commeth the hour, commeth the iphone generation. The need for portrait photographers should have dwindled with the growth in megapixels, but it seems people still need us, and we are there to people those needs.

I´m not trying to run my work down, it´s actually more of a case of finding niches for where you work is still necessary, burgeoning markets and so on. The jobs I have been travelling Norway for recently are for a bank which is developing a system whereby you can see who you are speaking to when you call. Why not hey? With Facetime the age of the video call seems to arrived in its entirety, and I suddenly seem to be in great demand. Sweet!

But tiring. And a little bit dull.

So it´s with great anticipation that I am looking forward to the wedding season kicking off in earnest. So more travel yes, but a bit more outdoors and looking forward to seeing all those smiley faces again (without them being told at least!). I met Dave and Kjersti again today, who are getting married in Trondheim next month. Awesome couple, should be a fantastic day.


Man, I have written a lot about weddings so far this year. It is mostly for the couple, to make a communication, get to know them a little bit better, involve them in what you are doing and so on. But this work, like any job, has to be about what you are interested in too, right? So a new season, a new smile and a new blog. See you next week x

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