Råkvåg… where it´s at

Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9202 copy

Christina and Kenneth are getting married in an amazing location on Fosen, and I´m going to take the photos. Last weekend I travelled over to have a look around.

Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9268 copy

What I discovered was an amazing place with lots old of really old buildings, quaint fishing towns and fantastic landscapes that peel away over the earth’s curve. The building Christina and Kenneth are housing their guests is like a time warp, with an old grammar phone supplying a suitable backing track to the tour.


Christina og Kenneth inspiserer kirken

This lovely couple have been together for a while and are now looking forward to having their day. A big celebration of them! From my perspective that´s what this marriage malarkey is all about; your day in the sun (or rain, no bother), a chance for people to reflect on your life and relationship and, most importantly, for you to make a public announcement of your love.

Christine and Kenneth have had loads going on this year and I know they are really looking forward to the big day now. I am really pleased to be a part of it and I´m looking forward to sharing more photos from amazing Råkvåg soon.

Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9486 copy


Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9409 copy

Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9389 copy

Christina_og_Kenneth_bryllup_wedding_Rakvag_IMG_9274 copy