Zozan and Rune


Well, the double wedding weekend is complete. Hard work! But very rewarding.

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Saturday’s gig was with Zozan and Rune, up in Rørvik, a little coastal town in Nord-Trøndelag. The happy couple had two lovely huge venues for the ceremony and celebrations: Lundring Church and Norveg museum. They were quite contrasting in style, one old one new, but both fantastic for photography.


As were the couple. Zozan is from Iraqi decent and looked like a princess in her huge dress, whilst Rune is a typical local lad, with the same surname as the church. Apparently that’s quite common in Norway – I think I will start calling myself Wil Wycombe!

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It was a really beautiful wedding and I was there from dawn to dusk, which is a long day at this time of year in Norway. I couldn’t have done it without the aid of an assistant, who helped me through the portraits. We did the shot inside an old fishing hut, which had awkward low ceilings, but through a combination of sitting the bride down and taking time to place the other members of the bridal party carefully, we got some cool images. I am not posting any of these images now, but I will upload a taster to Facebook later in the week.


The whole day had Zozan’s vision stamped all over it. It seems to me she had put in a lot of work to make the day so beautiful – when I got there on Friday evening her and her girlfriends were still up decorating the venue. I´m sure Rune put in some graft too. His best men were pretty late to his house on the morning of the wedding, the beer cans in the garden giving a little hint as to the reason why! But on the day the only competition the couple had for the guests’ adoration was the extremely cute page boy and bridesmaid.

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In the end it was love that Zozan and Rune have for one another which took centre stage, and I left knowing they’re going to have a very happy life together.