Guest Blog – wedding assistant´s perspective

Wedding photography, Norway

Forgotten the bride?

You may have noticed that I have been referring to my wife and assistant, Ida, quite regularly over the past few weeks. Well bless her cotton socks, she´s pregnant and yet has put in so much effort to help the wedding season go smoothly. Without her I would be like a wedding without a bride, a proper headless chicken flapping about in well-dressed crowds trying to organise group shots with my pigeon Norwegian, taking portraits with open zippers and German tourists in the background. I always “sell her in” to customers because I know that with her help we will get not only more images, but better images and a more enjoyable experience for the bride and groom. But it´s not just her assistance I value, it’s also her guidance – helping me to remember what shots we have planned, commenting on the set up of the portraits, positioning the bride and orgainising her dress and so on.

This week Ida is going to share some of her invaluable tips for brides to be:

Calling brides and future brides!

Calling all brides out there – here’s a little heads up: shock, horror, most of you won’t be able to remember the finer details of your big day!

Wedding photography, Norway

Did I remember to turn the cooker off?

Hardly revolutionary – I know, but the fact of the matter is that when the day that you have been preparing for so long finally arrives, you will be all jumbled up in nerves, excitement, joy and happiness. This happened to me! I was oblivious to most things going on around me, only seeing my husband, and the happy faces of our guests.

This means that you might miss the church decorations, the look in your dad’s eyes as he gives you away, the funny antics of the dear little bridesmaids and even the flower arrangements may have become a bit tired by the time you actually notice them.

Wedding photography, Norway

How cute! where was I???

Don't start.. now look what you've done!

Don’t start.. now look what you’ve done!

Groom and father of the bride. I bet that's a firm handshake.

Groom and father of the bride. I bet that’s a firm handshake.

Beautiful before the wine stains

Beautiful before the wine stains

These are just some of the reasons why it is so important to have a great wedding photographer with you throughout the day. Not just for formal portrait shots.  If you ask me a wedding photographers job is to capture all the details you have planned, as well as the little incidents you never even noticed.

Wedding photography, Norway

Last minute nerves, memories for life

Wedding photography styles

The first rule when it comes to start thinking about your wedding photography, is to think about the type wedding you are planning. Is it a stylish wedding, a low-key party in a barn or are you eloping to a foreign country? You should look at what a wedding photographer has taken before and communicate what type of images you are after – most good wedding photographers will have the ability to cater to your preferences, as well as having a style of their own.

Wedding photography, Norway


Wedding photography, Norway


Wedding photography, Norway


If you don’t know what type of wedding photography you want (I certainly didn’t when I got married), or if you don’t like the normal ”set up” portraits, or just don’t really have time to think about the whole photography ordeal, then this can seem like minefield.  My advice is that however complicated it seems, you need to make it a prioritized task! Talk to your friends, use the web, look at other people’s photos and talk to your photographer. Your photographer will be able to give you tips and advice to make sure you get what you may not know you are after.  Me and my husband always meet the couple at least once before the wedding to get to know them and their habits (more on this in my next blog).

Using a friend as a wedding photographer?

Wedding photography, Norway

Groom chillin’ with his best-men

Be careful to ask a guest to the wedding to take photos (friend or family) – a guest is a guest and should enjoy the day not think about work. Not to blow our own trumpets here, but wedding photography is hard and very time consuming! If you friend doesn’t deliver photos that are up to your expectations it could really damage your relationship forever, not to mention the stress it puts on them. Tell them to bring their camera by all means, but you should consider hiring a pro too, we still know how to get those personal moments, check out this shot Wil got of the boys waiting for the group shot:

And finally, many photographers will travel to where you are, so don’t worry about where they are based when you start your search!

That’s it for now, the next wedding photo tip post will be more hands on!