I have been busy, honest!

PWC midtpunkt

Recent work for PWC – thus proving I have been a busy bee!

My recent absence from these musings might suggest that I am only now getting back to work, but it’s actually been a busy August.  There has however been a month-long crossover between work and the summer fun, with festivals butting up against photoshoots and parties rolling into housework.

beer baby bottle milk holiday spain

We had a lovely time in Spain earlier this year – learning about swapping the beer for the bottle

But could this be the last of the summer wine? Last of the summer everything by my measurement, as I slip into the coma of parenthood and the loving arms of heavy workloads. Yes, the glass bottle has officially been retired and the plastic one taken root, as Ida and I prepare ourselves (and the house, the bloody house) for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. So whilst it might seem as though I have spent the last month gallivanting around the English countryside (I have) and hurting my ears at various parties (also true), I have also been burning the candle’s other end, the ‘good end’; working round the clock to get the house ready and get keep the business ticking along.

It is hard to work out when I had time, but in August I have done jobs for Posten.no, Danske Bank, Plustech, Rosenborg, Acando, PWC and Dagens Næringsliv. The latter included two front pages, see below:

China Dagens Næringsliv China salmon Norway

Story about how Norwegian salmon imports are being stopped by the Chinese

salmon china norway import dagens næringsliv

Follow up to the Salmon story two days later

The other big hangover from the summer is the backlog of editing, particularly from all the weddings I shot this year. There are so many photos to go through when you shoot weddings, especially with my style of following the couple from dawn to dusk. I enjoyed it but I am also glad it’s only for a couple of months each year. Though I wonder why there is a wedding “season” in Norway? The weather is so unreliable in the summer that you have to be prepared for every eventuality – so why not get married in winter when you know what the weather is going to be like?

And it would be a hell of a lot easier for me to get motivated for the hours in front of the screen if it were a blizzard outside and not sunny.

wedding bicycle

Pleasure not business: the wedding of our friends Jeff and Jenny in Glastonbury

The flexibility of this work – to blog or not blog – is really the most attractive part. The day that I find that this line of work places too many obligations on my time, so that I am unable to spend a day working on the house or take trips back to the UK to see my family, is the day that I walk away from it. I often speak to other freelancers who feel as though they are slaves to their workload. I completely sympathise with this sentiment: last night for example, a Sunday evening, I was in the studio until 10pm doing my tax returns. But that was because I chose to go and watch Arsenal in the pub during the day.

Where I differ from those freelancers bemoaning their hardships is that yes we have made a decision to put extra pressure on ourselves and probably work longer hours than most, in Norway at least. But we also have the freedom to manage the bigger picture. We are very lucky in Norway to have incredible support for both the father and mother to take time off after the baby is born. This allowance is meant to be at different times but the fleixbility of my job allows me to opt out of work at the same time as my wife’s maternity leave. Which means more trips back to the UK to see some of this:

Terry Wade

It’s best of you don’t ask what is happening here

And some of this:


New arrivals

And a bit of this:

old dog high wycombe west wycombe border collie

and one on his way out 😦

This wonderful work-life balance reliant on kicking on and keeping the workload healthy whilst I have the chance. So thank you to everyone who has made this one of the best summers ever and to all of my great customers who keep me busy – and may you continue to thrive in each other’s company!