Three generations of Lanullva


Last week I spent a couple of days taking photos of Lanullva’s wool products. The company is from Eide, just outside Molde in the shadow of the spectacular Atlantic Highway. It’s a beautiful area and the company are rightly very proud of their location and their product. It is a family company and three generations work there. It’s the matriarch Gun Anne who heads operations, but it was in fact her mother Britt Vinje who designed the product many decades ago. Britt Vinje wanted a wool product which would keep her husband, Eilif, warm without causing him to sweat too much. She developed a unique octagonal pattern in the knot which allows the garments to breath without compromising on warmth.

Everyone who works there wears the product like a badge of honour and Gunn Anne insists that I wear one of the zip up tops for the duration of the two day shoot. Apparently it is not allowed to wear them with anything underneath as they are warm enough and need to breath (I can vouch for that, really warm!) though I catch a couple of the models trying to sneak onto set with a white T-shirt under! Fair play though – it was a very long day’s shoot and whilst it is easy for me to keep warm running about the hillside getting different angles, for the models there is a lot of standing around.

Gunn Anne was on the ball and ordered fresh coffee whenever people started to shiver. Apart from stunning landscape, there is not a whole lot else in Eide. So you have to travel a few miles down the road for hot drinks. Everyone agreed that it would be easy to sacrifice such local commodities in return for such a spectacular back garden, and they laughed at me when I ask where the nearest pub was!

The other key aspect of Lanullva products is the vivid colours they produce their clothes in. They have just launched a new website and if you look at it you will notice that there are still lots of photos from previous photoshoots with other photographers. What their new marketing agency and I have tried to do different is to balance these colours better – everyone who sees them in real life instantly falls in love with them, but the colours on screen can be too bright to believe… in the old photos at least. I hope you enjoy the results, I’m still wearing my jumper now!

Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool

Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_woolLanullva_MG_6966_lowres_warm_artikkelbildeLanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool Lanullva_Wil_Lee-Wright_Photography_fotograf_Molde_Eide_wool