Brannbamse Bjørnis

Jokes! My buddy Rikard and his team at the Fire Station in Trondheim have been working with Bjørnis, a big fire-fighting teddy bear. Bjørnis does not just fight fires, he also fights ignorance by going round the community and meeting the kids, alerting them to the risks of fire and showing them how cool it is to be a fireman, woman or bear!

Bjørnis and Rikard and their colleagues came in to the studio to do a super quick photoshoot. They were on duty and had to be ready to go at any moment. All their clothes smelled like smoke and when my colleague came back from lunch he found all the parking spaces occupied by two enormous fire engines. _MG_9054_web _MG_9087_web _MG_9116_web _MG_9125_web _MG_9137_web _MG_9144_web _MG_9162_web _MG_9225_web