Making up for lost time


This blog seems to be a liturgy of homecomings – I am forever writing about “getting back into the swing of things” after one holiday or another. I can assure you that despite my seemingly endless supply of long weekends, I am not the man of leisure I portray. Though this past month might not be the best place to commence such an argument.

Cream_tea_Barnes_MG_9366 Cream_tea_Barnes_MG_9346 Cream_tea_Barnes_MG_9343 Ida_Barnaby_Barnes

Ida and I took some maternity/paternity leave and went back to the UK for five weeks, to introduce Barnaby to folk back home. It was a splendid month with plenty of British hoity toity and lashings of cream tea.

West_Wyc_mist_IMG_2631 West_Wyc_mist_IMG_2628 West_Wyc_mist_IMG_2629

The weather was spectacular – we ate outside almost every day. Though there has been incredible floods across the South up until now, leaving a really high water table. This made for great misty morning walks, some mornings it was so pea soup you could barely see five metres in front.

Kent__MG_9600 Kent__MG_9601 Kent__MG_9631 Kent__MG_9642 Kent__MG_9664

Down in Kent the weather was much lusher, and whilst Trondheim was getting snowed in for the first time all winter we were in T-shirts enjoying the first week of spring. Which of course involved more tea and cake 🙂

Jay_Brooks_shoot_IMG_2753 Jay_Brooks_shoot_IMG_2766 London_pubs_IMG_2672 London_pubs_IMG_2713

That is not to say I was a total lay about. I did pick up a little bit of work whilst we were back, including a couple of assisting jobs with Jay Brooks. But for the most part it was a matter of meeting up with old friends and seeing how many pubs we could take Barnaby to.

Dartmouth_MG_9676 Dartmouth_MG_9677 Dartmouth_MG_9679 Dartmouth_MG_9683 Dartmouth_MG_9685 Dartmouth_MG_9686 Dartmouth_MG_9727 Dartmouth_MG_9715

At some point I vaguely remember doing some gardening and my UK tax returns, after which we thought it was high time for another mini-break and off we went to the South Coast. Here Barnaby meets his Great Aunt, Elizabeth Hearn, or simply “Aunty” to everyone. She is 92 and lives alone in the house she has been in since around 1950.

Cotswolds_MG_9855 Cotswolds_MG_9841 Cotswolds_MG_9784 Cotswolds_MG_9865 Cotswolds_MG_9953Cotswolds_MG_9946

OK, another mini-holiday to the Cotswolds. This is getting boring now! But we did manage to rack up lots more pubs on Barnaby’s “UK tour 2014”.

Christening__MG_0179-copy Christening__MG_0209 copy Christening__MG_0305 copy Christening__MG_0241 copy Christening__MG_0183 copy

Finally, we christened the little poo bum in my home village of West Wycombe, in the church with a golden ball on the top of the hill. Afterwards… you guessed it, more pubs and afternoon tea.


Thank you everyone for making that one of the best months ever. Next up.. ahem, another holiday, skiing in Hemsedal! What, with my reputation!