Ingvill and Tommy – smiles all round :)

Phew! Long day. Wonderful day.

Ingvill and Tommy married today, in the incredible Gløshaugen library building. I have been in the building many times before and always been awed by the grand hallway. Foreign students often refer to the building as “the Harry Potter building”, and I have done several photoshoots in its shadow. But I have never thought it possible to do a wedding there – apparently Ingvill and Tommy were the first people to do so.

An inspired decision? Yes, but also a meaningful one as this lovely young couple actually met on the steps of the very same building.

Many of the weddings I go to at are emotional affairs, with floods of tears and scuffles and drunkenness. Ingvill and Tommy’s wedding, however, was just pure joy. They and their lovely group of friends and family were beaming smiles all day long. And as if that was not enough love: they also shared the day with their beautiful daughter Eirill’s naming day!

So yes I’m tired, but I feel good for having been around this couple all day. Here are few of the faces and a just a tiny bit of the joy I enjoyed today: