Arven Exhibition through English eyes

Nidaros is the world’s northernmost medieval castle and is the only building to be mentioned in the (1814) Norwegian Constitution. The cathedral, parts of which date back to the 12th century, was inspired by English design. The adjoining Archbishops Palace hosted an exhibition last month celebrating the 200 year anniversary of independence. Here it is viewed through an Englisman’s eyes:

Lavetthuset_07 Lavetthuset_08 Lavetthuset_18 Lavetthuset_22 Lavetthuset_24 Lavetthuset_25 Lavetthuset_26 Lavetthuset_27 Lavetthuset_29 Lavetthuset_32 Lavetthuset_43 Lavetthuset_47 Lavetthuset_54 Lavetthuset_55 Lavetthuset_57 Lavetthuset_58