Mari and Øystein and wine and food and friends and family and good times

Mari_og_Oystein193A9358_shWine and good food. That was the theme of the evening… and of Mari and Øystein’s life together so far apparently! They got together over a drink in Solsiden, got engaged in a vineyard in Tuscany, celebrated their marriage on Saturday with lots of both, and are off to do more of the same in Sicily next week.

During dinner everyone wanted a chance to wish them all the best for the future – and several speakers mentioned their love of wine and good food. The wedding was at the wonderful, newly-rennovated Strinda church in Moholt, Trondheim, and the celebration not too far away at Kvilhaugen Gård. The weather was amazing, but the bride shone brightest – Mari, you looked absolutely beautiful!

Øystein was not too shabby either, though most people’s lasting memory of him will be his dance moves on the movie that his siblings ‘kindly’ put together for him. Anyone for the Macarena?

So, here’s to Mari and Øystein, cheers! A few photos from the wedding story so far:

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