Latest blog – NxtMedia Conference

NxtMedia_2014_193A2038 copy

I have recently started work again after enjoying a long Norwegian paternity leave. It is not as though I stopped working all together: I spread the leave over four months and I still had work to do on The List magazine. Plus, me and Barnaby have been writing a blog of our own, check it out here!

Today I attended the  NxtMedia Conference in Trondheim. It was a long and very rewarding day, starting with a breakfast meeting about a new print newspaper coming to Trondheim. This was all very topical as we have recently launched Trondheim’s first English language magazine, The List. The rest of the day was therefore divided between seminars, networking, photographing and tasting some lovely Norway-brewed Austman beer. Here is the photo story:

NxtMedia Conference NxtMedia_2014_193A1918 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1920 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1922 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1927 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1938 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1957 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1975 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1977 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1979 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1992 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A1999 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2021 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2023 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2025 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2026 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2042 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2048 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2057 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2071 copyNxtMedia_2014_193A2082 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2075 copyNxtMedia_2014_193A2091 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2116 copy NxtMedia_2014_193A2121 copy