DIGIT 2015

WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0960 copy_bw

Tonight I had the great pleasure of taking photos of DigIT, hosted by Marianne Meløy (pictured above). DigIT – a party evening to share perspectives on technology – falls on international women’s day. All the girls in the audience and speakers on stage kept saying “gratulerer med dagen” to one another, a congratulations which is also used as happy birthday. It was only after I met the third person with a ‘birthday’ I realised that perhaps I was missing the point!

I would like to extend my congratulations, birthday or otherwise, to Hilde Amundsen (below) who won DigIT’ Woman of the Year 2015. And also to everyone else who participated and took part. Great way to spend a rainy Sunday evening, or any other day come to that matter 🙂

Lots more photos coming to DigIT Trondheim’s Facebook page, and also Instagram #digit2015 and twitter @digittrondheim. In the meantime, here’s a taster of the night:

WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0663 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0474 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0888 copy_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0447 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1047 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1050 copy_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1035 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1024 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0881_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1002 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0993 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0985 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0947 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A1037 copy_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0911 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0907 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0902 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0730 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0662 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0658 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0524 copy_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0656 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0603 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0514 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__93A0934 copy_bw WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0512 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0501 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0476 copyWLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0688 copy WLW_foto_DIGIT__MG_0506 copy