Linn and Tor Ivar – share the date


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I do love taking photos of weddings! It is one of the few times when everyone is happy to have the camera pointed at them, they are all dressed up nice and there os lots of raw emotion on display. And it makes my job a whole lot more pleasurable when the wedding party are such a genuine lovely group of people.

Linn and Tor Ivar decided to share their big day with their son’s first birthday. The celebration was over at Hovde Gård, in Ørland. I hot footed it over there in the morning in time for the little man’s birthday cake, and was greeted by a massive stuffed tiger. The cuddly tiger was the scariest guest there, and my assistant and I spend a very nice morning milling about with the guests and documenting the chilled out wedding couple’s preparations.

WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6457 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4556 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4511 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4518 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_weddingmontage_MG_4663 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4399 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4535 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6613 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6556

The location was simply perfect for a wedding and the weather allowed for a classic outdoor ceremony. The wedding rings went on (just!) and afterwards everyone got together for group shots. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! I will not post all the combinations right now, but let me tell you everyone got their time in front of the camera.

WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4690 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6695 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4879 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6713 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4809 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4816 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4722 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4751 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4732 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6760 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4920 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6933 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6917 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A6801

As usual I will hold the majority of portraits back for the wedding couple to choose first – these blogs are just tasters of the day to keep the newlyweds happy, while I plough through all my captures from the day. But here are a couple from Austrått Borgen, a location of Linn and Tor Ivar’s choosing, the like of which I have not seen anywhere else in Norway.

_93A7083 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_4972 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_93A7001 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5115 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5145 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5014 _93A6972

I think the one of the hard things about shooting weddings – regardless of how long you are part of the wedding party – is that you cant get to know everyone and so you still feel like you are missing some of the guests. Especially in a short blog post like this. But you know when you have been made to feel welcome when you dont want to leave at the end of the day! And when I post these pictures I remember the people and the stories, and I am happy for Linn and Tor Ivar that they have all of these wonderful people around to celebrate the start of the married life together. congratulations again!

WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5355 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5247 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5312 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_weddingmontage_MG_5407 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5309 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5364 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5256 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5264 WL-W_photo_Linn_Tor_Ivar_wedding_MG_5222