First Wedding of the Season!

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Hi everyone,

I have just gone through the photos from my first wedding of the season, with the amazing couple Tonje and Jonathan. Tonje is local, brought up in Heimdal, but she lives with her husband Jonathan in the US. Seeing as this is my first wedding blog of the year, I thought I would talk you through the story.

I remember the first time I spoke to Tonje: she called to follow up an email whilst I was on my way back from the cup final in Oslo last year… feeling a little worse for wear I might add! But I could tell instantly that this was someone with a great personality and I really wanted to work with her, and to take photos of her wedding.

It turns out that the happy couple had already tied the knot in the States, and that this was their “second wedding” to celebrate with their Norwegian relatives on this side of the ocean. I just found out that the trip almost didn’t happen because of visa issues, but thankfully everything went ahead as planned.

So I only got to meet the happy couple a short time before the wedding; once for a chat and coffee, and once for a walk through with them and the priest. The wedding was at the imposing Nidarosdomen cathedral and so I was glad for the opportunity to prepare. If you are ever getting married and plan to book at professional photographer then take the time to involve them in your preparations. The more we know, the more details you share with us, the better prepared we can be. Having said that, I forgot to bring the list of group shots with me, which Tonje had carefully prepared for me! Sorry about that, but all was well in the end and thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your wedding.

The weather was beautiful and it was such a pleasure to do a wedding shoot with so many of the traditional highlights of Trondheim. Tonje and Jonathan will be taking these photos back to USA with them, so I only hope they do this lovely couple and our little town justice. Here are a section of the photos from your wedding story so far:

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