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I have never taken photos at a wedding at Sverbergtunet before, but wow! what an amazing place. And congratulations Kirsti and Fiton, what a suitably great venue to celebrate your marriage. Just out of town, so quite accessible, but really rather grand and with views across the fjord which would bring out the photographer in anyone. They had a hashtag #kirstifoton set up for the event, and I bet there were loads of great photos uploaded over the night.

This happy couple had booked me for ceremony and portraits, so I travelled up the location a couple of times before to familiarise myself with the area. Kirstin and Fiton also introduced me to an beautiful lake area, which I took my parents to visit – it actually turned out to be a damned river, according to my dad, so there you go!

The ceremony itself was lovely and accompanied by a powerful singing performance. I’m so happy the weather held out for them and they were able to get married outside as planned. Their cool little boy Philip nearly stole the show however and it was really cute when he delivered the rings. Here are a few photos from the afternoon and a little taster from the portrait session, which we took down by the river of course. I wish the three of you all the best and know you will have a fantastic life together. Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding story, to experience the day alongside your friends and family.

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