Let them eat cake!

Wil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_7003 copy

It was my great honour to take the photos at the wedding of Arild and Julie yesterday.

I always write a little blog when I get back from a wedding, a few snaps over the course of the day which gives a taster of the occasion. I love doing this because it gives the happy couple and their guests (and also the people who weren’t able to be there) something to share straight away. I think this is important in the age of social media as we all crave instant gratification, but the editing process takes time and so the final selection is still a couple of weeks away.

Last night however, when I got home I was so tired I fell asleep before posting this blog. It had been an epic day! They got married at Ringve, a location close to their beautiful home in Lade and the perfect venue for this musically-inclined couple. It was one of those occasions where all the elements came together perfectly. Even the unforeseen became positives: the screaming, techno-playing kids’  football tournament on the pitches beside Ringve for example. Arild and Julie only discovered it was happening the day before and they were worried that the announcements and music would spoil their outdoor wedding, but when the approached the organisers kindly pushed back the kick off time of the first game. The only announcement was just before the wedding, to congratulate the happy couple! All the guests cheered but neither Arild nor Julie noticed – they must have had other things on their minds 🙂

I could write so much more too, about this lovely couple and their daughter Dorothea, who were the sort of customers who gave so much back. They were open, warm, smiling all day long and full of joy. I loved their musical procession from the ceremony to the mingling area. There was champagne, epic weather, juice, wonderful food, special recitals, song and dance, good friends and family. All the ingredients for a happy life together in my book. I woke up this morning with a lot to say! But really, I should let the photos do the talking…

Wil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7798Wil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7789Wil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7813Wil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7822 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7833 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A7818 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6497 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6526 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6555 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6586 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6612 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6564 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6610 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6681 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6666 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6630 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6684 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6705 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6689 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6778 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6810 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6921 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_6932 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8152 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_MG_7003 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8205 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8240 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8261 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8425 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8429 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8661 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8477 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8716 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8648 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8775 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8793 copyWil_Lee-Wright_photography_wedding_93A8807 copy