Unity in Stark Contrast


Yesterday we basked in the seemingly never-ending sunshine of this summer in Trondheim, witnessing the marriage of Åsa and Ole Martin.

The ceremony was at Kvilhaugen Gård, a location which I have worked at before, but always seen an indoor ceremony on account of the weather. So it was lovely yesterday to break that trend, and to do so in the company of such warm people too. Sunshine is not always a photographer’s best friend however, especially when you get the low, strong light, which dips in and out of the cloud cover.

Åsa and Ole Martin where also keen to do some shots down by the coast, an open area which had the added challenge of strong cross wind. But my style has always been to adapt my technique to accommodate the models and the circumstances – using a documentary approach to tell the true story of day. During the ceremony the humanist celebrant mentioned the happy couple’s attitude to always treating each other with respect and finding a positive way of handling things. This reflects my attitude to photography and it was my great pleasure to take their photos. There was a wide range ages represented by their guests and I loved how they incorporated everyone into the day. Here is there wedding story so far, through a selection of my photos:

One of the bride’s maids of honour had a great hat, though it must have been difficult to keep on her head because there was so much hugging and celebration after the ceremony! And of course the bride took centre stage – Åsa looked fantastic and Ole Martin must have been very proud to have stood beside her yesterday.

Ole Martin even played the guitar during the ceremony and led the audience in song – something I have not seen before. It set the scene for a great sense of unity:

Finally, here is a little taster of the portrait session. We had a good plan in place, but Åsa and Ole Martin were also up for improvising along the way. The less said about the pink bike the better! But I wouldn’t have changed a single moment yesterday, and I am sure the happy couple have the same ethos and look forward to a wonderful life long until together.