Livets Kjærlighet

Stig_Grethe_93A8977 copy_bw

You know you are in for a good day when the groom thrusts a glass of champagne into your hand upon arrival, welcomes you into their beautiful home and insists you ride with them in the limo. But then again I had already met Stig and Grethe before, and I could tell that they were great people and that this was going to be a celebration to remember.

They have been together 25 years, so I guess they decided it was about time they tie the knot. Not only that but midnight marked the beginning of the bride’s 50th birthday! I’m sure Grethe won’t mind me saying this because she looked a million dollars.

The ceremony and dinner were held at Sparebank 1’s Banksalen, a remarkable building dating back to to the 20’s. I have been here for many other purposes before, but never a wedding. It worked perfectly, especially the main salon where they held the dinner, speeches and dancing. From a photography perspective it offered everything; great detail, loads of light, and the ability to stand back from the action and still capture what was going on.

Not that it is easy to miss Stig, a larger than life character with a big laugh and the most welcoming of demeanours. It think it must be easy to tell that I really like this couple, and their friends and family. I left late into the night, after a day of excellent music, moving speeches and delicious food. I cant thank the party enough for inviting me in and I hope the party is still thumping as I write this. I have a large glass of wine at my side (inspired by the toastmaster’s incessant description of the wine on offer to the guests!) and I am about to collapse after a long day.

Congratulations Stig and Grethe, her is a little taste of the photos from today:

Stig_Grethe_MG_4141 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4147 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4163 copyStig_Grethe_93A8989 copyStig_Grethe_93A8898Stig_Grethe_93A8929 copyStig_Grethe_93A9005 copyStig_Grethe_93A9081 copyStig_Grethe_93A9051 copy_bwStig_Grethe_MG_4192 copyStig_Grethe_93A9022 copyStig_Grethe_93A9382 copyStig_Grethe_93A9100 copy_bwStig_Grethe_93A9230 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4289 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4357 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4339 copy_bwStig_Grethe_93A9280 copy_bwStig_Grethe_93A9131 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4250 copy_bwStig_Grethe_93A9227 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4412 copy_bwStig_Grethe_MG_4387 copyStig_Grethe_MG_4431 copyStig_Grethe_93A9532 copy_bwStig_Grethe_MG_4418 copyStig_Grethe_93A9488 copy_bwStig_Grethe_MG_4537 copy_bwStig_Grethe_93A9493 copyStig_Grethe_93A9395 copyStig_Grethe_93A9466 copyStig_Grethe_93A9582 copyStig_Grethe_93A9608 copyStig_Grethe_93A9385 copy_bwStig_Grethe_MG_4411 copyStig_Grethe_93A9506 copyStig_Grethe_93A9680 copy