100th blog – portraits in the picture


Usually I write about weddings the same day as I take the photos, or immediately after. This gives me a chance to reflect on the day and share some of my favourite captures with the happy couple, who can in turn give their guests a little taster of the wedding photos straight away. I find this particularly useful in the context of social media as guests will be uploading their own photos almost instantaneously. I think this is great as it makes people interested in imagery, but nobody wants their most liked photo on Facebook to be a blurry iPhone image posted by some random aunt!

I tend not to upload many photos from the portraits session, as I feel these are for the couple to choose which they want to have edited and which moments they want to share. But Ken and Audrey’s story gave me the perfect opportunity to share a full portrait session with you.

They were married in Singapore, but had fond memories of Trondheim as the place they had first met. So they decided to come here on their honeymoon and, get this, bring their wedding clothes, have a little party and do their wedding photos here! The beautiful long dress must have required its own luggage 🙂


Also, because they don’t live here, Audrey and Ken wanted to include as many of the Trondheim’s best locations in their shots. Other couples challenge me to find unique locations, but on this sunny afternoon back in May, we were able to go to all the most lovely spots in town: NTNU, Bakklandet, the river and Korsvika.


Doing the shoot early on a Sunday meant that these locations were quite empty and the light was perfect. We even had Bakklandet Blomster (above) open their doors specially so that we could pick out a bouquet for Audrey.

When I send the edited photos to couple I usually give them a selection of different editing styles for each photo, as I think it depends on the image. On this occasion, with lots of bright sunshine and wide empty spaces, I found that using a filter gave the best results. Here are my favourite versions from Audrey and Ken’s portrait session, on my 100th blog post no less! Next week I will share some photos from Bali, that’s right, Bali 🙂

wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8376-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a0700-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1099-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_kenwil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8267-copy_filter wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_kenwil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8186_filter wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1014-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1077-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1072-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8545-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a0974-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8438-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a0868-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_kenwil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8786_bw wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8805-copywil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_mg_8865-copy
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wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1142-copy wil_lee-wright_photography_audrey_and_ken_93a1314-copy