Katrine and Roy – a family affair

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0288 copy_bw

My usual routine after photographing a wedding is to download all the photos, pick out my favourites and upload a blog with some of my favourites from the day. A little taster of the wedding story, something which the newly weds can share with their friends and family straight away while they wait for the rest of the photos.

On this occasion however, I came home, checked on the kids, started uploading and promptly fell asleep! It had been a long, exciting day. Then was up again at 6am with the kids yesterday. So sorry, Katrine and Roy, you have had to wait longer than usual for this blog, but as the proud parents of three boisterous young boys, I’m hoping you will sympathise!

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Night sky over Trøndelag before the wedding

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9231 copy

Heavens opened up on wedding morning

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9301 copy

Father of the bride on way to pick her up

The priest made a really nice point during the ceremony about how these days it is often a ‘family who gets married’. I love this concept – five people who have made a life together, build a house, made a home and are now making the final step. It was my privilege to be with them at every stage of the day, including visiting Roy and the boys at their family home in Tyholt. It had been an incredible evening the night before, but typically the heavens opened on the morning of the wedding. However, by the time the ceremony begun it had dried up and it was actually a beautifully fresh day.

I also visited Katrine while she was getting ready at COMA hair salon. And then after the cermony I joined them for the evening at Kvilhaugen Gård. It was a relatively small intimate affair, but there was a lot of heart. And how wonderful was it to have all the guests around one long table? It felt like I was granted access to a very special, close-knit group. Thank you for inviting me to take your photos Katrine and Roy, and may you have the most perfect of married lives together x

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0237 copy_filter.jpg

The superstar bride getting ready in the morning at COMA

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0247 copy.jpg

Pauses for a moment’s reflection

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9201 copy.jpg

Her sister and maid-of-honour, Gudrun

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0155 copy_bw.jpg

Meanwhile at the boys’ house, finding them is the first step…

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9276 copy.jpg

But once they are dressed they are looking good to go!

roy_og_katrine_20170610_0593_portrett_ copy.jpg

Indeed, they’re the first ones down the aisle

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9354 copy.jpg

Followed by the blushing bride and her proud father

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9367 copy.jpg

A beautiful ceremony…

roy_og_katrine_20170610_0282_landscape_ copy.jpg

… with a very handsome couple

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0342 copy_filter.jpg

The boys are out

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0383 copy.jpg

and so are the paparazzi! 

Here is a sneak preview of some of the portrait session:


Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0439 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0647 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0509 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9462 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0615 copy

and a slice of the fun from later on:

Wil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0896 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0968 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0973 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1096 copy_bwWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1111 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1087 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1041 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1055 copy_bwWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9875 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A1143 copy_bwWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0146 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_93A0114 copy_bwWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9885 copyWil_Lee-Wright_Roy_and_Katrine_wedding_MG_9938 copy