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I know Solveig through her work as the curator at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseumand so I was super happy to be asked to take photos at hers and Erik’s wedding this weekend. She is always extremely complimentary of the work I do for her museum, so the pressure was on for me to deliver some photos worthy of their beautiful celebration!

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Erik and Solveig are really cheerful, laid back couple, with two lively daughters. They invited me in to do photos of their ceremony in the quaint little chapel, hidden away within Thomas Angells House, beside Nidarosdomen cathedral, followed by photos at their dinner and party. They said they did not want a portrait session as they were not into doing ‘staged photos’. I understand this perspective as I would be of the same mindset (the reason I am a photographer is in no small part the result of not wanting to stand the other side of the lens!), but it presents a challenge for the photographer, who knows ultimately they will want and need some shots of them as a couple.

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So, my solution was to plan a walk between the ceremony and the party venue, which gave us a few minutes’ of pause in order to catch some shots of the together, along with their besties Jens and Stine. Hopefully these moments I caught do their relationship justice – it was a really beautiful September day to boot. Is September the new summer wedding?!

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And just a quick final note to compliment them on the choice of venue – Frimurerlogen is an historic and dramatic location. I loved the way they had set up the tables and the old seating around the balcony just screams history: I even had the chance to take a couple of photos of the bride and her sisters up there later in the night.Looking forward to showing you the rest of the photos Solveig, here are a few for your personal gallery in the meantime :p

BLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0141 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0076 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0125 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0126 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0173 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0368 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6354 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6362 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0259 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6304 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0786 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0545 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6854 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6683 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6664 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0884 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0701 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0833 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6915 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6523 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6474 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6442 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6468 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6470 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6281 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0006 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0039 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0048 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A1120BLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A1119 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_6926 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A1076 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0369 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0368 copy (1)BLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0258 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0213 copy_bwBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_MG_7053 copyBLOG_Solevig_Erik_wedding_photo_Wil Lee-Wright_93A0434 copy