Frøya eyes only

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6276 copy copy

Here starts a series of blogs about some of the photoshoots I have been doing recently. Sometimes I am so swamped with all the nitty gritty – planning the shoots, the travel, the editing and delivery to the customer – that I forget to actually reflect on the work and share it with people.

I often say to students and other interested in professional photography that my method is to listen carefully to what the customer wants and be flexible in what you deliver. But I am probably not alone in thinking that sometimes they don’t choose the right images at the end of the day. I had the pleasure to work with Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke on this latest trip, who always choose the right images! But it can’t harm to share a few more can it 😉

This is the opportunity to pick out some of the shots which give you that excited feeling in your belly when you see a preview on the screen. There are some shoots where you feel like you have to work and work until you get an image which triggers that reaction. On this trip to Hitra and Frøya with Oi! I worked for two days in weather so wet that I could not see more than ten metres ahead of me. I drove all round these two islands looking for the perfect spot for our marketing shoot for next year, and started to get dispirited when the weather refused to budge.

Ultimately I made a decision to concentrate on some of the real life fishermen working there and, after a 4am start on a crab boat I the rain, I finally started to get some shots which I felt were reflective of this engaging archipelago.

We pulled in about 450 kilos of crab that morning, all before breakfast. Later in the day I went aboard a scallop diver’s boat and saw how Frøya has become a world leader in the harvesting of these delicious shellfish . The sun even pocked its head out at one point, just to reminder to us all that if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try, try, try again.

I’m off with Oi! Mat again today, this time to Fosen, the ‘Trønderlag Alps’. Stay posted for more delicious memories.

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8192 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_7960Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6200 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8014 copy copy_lowresWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_7973 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8056 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8136 copy copy

Day one I traipsed around the islands trying to get better acquainted with the area through the rain. I did however have the opportunity to meet the brewer at Bryggeriet Frøya, a brewery I have admired for several years.

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8136 copy copy_v2Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6055 copy copy

I also saw how my favourite smoked salmon is produced, at Garnvik. Delicious but man my clothes smelt of the smoke for days afterwards!

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8282 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6165 copy copy_v2Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6165 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6171 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8433 copy copy_v2

The crab boat was a real experience. I have been on several fishing trips before, and even caught several crabs. But this was on a whole ‘nother level. This is my favourite shellfish, and I even got to enjoy the final product a week later, prepared beautifully at ‘crab week’ at E.C. Dahls in Trondheim (see bottom of post).

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6226 copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6246 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6276 copy copyWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_6299 copy copy

The scallop trip was, however, the highlight of my visit to Frøya. Looking forward to coming back again soon and to eating some of more of this incredible food:

Wil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_lowresWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_2051_lowresWil Lee-Wright_Oi Mat_Hitra Froya_MG_8947 copy copy