Morten and Lise’s hot wedding

Just got back from a couple of days in Hitra, where I had the honour to take photos of Morten and Lise’s wedding. They kindly provided me with a room at the hotel where they were getting married and said I was welcome to come the night before and get to know them and the area. Seeing as my family was out of town, I took them up on this offer and travelled out to this island two hours outside Trondheim, basking in some of the warmest sunshine on record.

Getting there a day early was a great move because it meant I was able to get to know the couple and their family better, and able to scout the area for locations. When the weather is so hot and bright (over 30 degrees on the wedding day) it is important to be efficient with your photography and to choose locations which provide some shelter from eye-squinting, contrasting sunlight.

Morten and Lise are teachers with a connection to the area through Lise’s parents. They had a large groups of friends join them from all over Norway, who were all in good form the night before and during the dinner. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether they were mopping their brows on account of the heat or the dabbing their eyes because of the content of the speeches! All in all it was a wonderful day in a lovely location, and I wish the happy couple all the best on the next stage of their lives together. Here is a selection of images from the hot, hot day: